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Why make things you don't love?



Hello! I am Randall Whitney a creative entrepreneur currently based in Tampa, FL.


I have spent a lot of time creating content for brands and local businesses around New York City and Tampa. My passions are storytelling from the perspective of a patron, empowering clients to speak their truth and live their story.


- Randy


Recent Work

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This is a project I am especially proud of. I was able to write, direct and edit the yearly mission moment for the Glazer Children's Museum here in Tampa, FL. 

The Carter family is a real family that takes advantage of the many programs offered by GCM in the community. 

Tampa Bay Rovers custom Invicta Automotive Designer Defender which was shot for commercial use in the UK for Invicta's promotional campaign to showcase their fully custom Defender series available

Event recap for AJ Aluthwala designed the APP for Power Room. A high value networking community with events all over the world. This is the recap of the Tampa, FL event where AJ presented his award winning app to the Power Room community. 

sports highlights

design hIGHLIGHTS 

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