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The Adventure Begins

I cannot believe how much work it took to get to this point...From selling most of my belongings to stuffing the storage unit to the brim with my art supplies and work, I worked my ass off to be here. Maybe I should go back a little further though. College was a very precarious thing for me initially. I had no means of paying for it and the drive wasn't really there. Thankfully my family had a backup plan for me and after a quick transfer of the Post 911 G.I Bill I had enrolled in Cape Fear Community College in beautiful Wilmington, NC. It is here that I really discovered how hungry for knowledge I was. Every class was fascinating. I was curious as to how I enjoyed the party lifestyle of ECU for the few short months I wasted there putting myself into debt.

Now, after getting my second degree and wrapping up undergrad academia at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro I am finally ready to create my mark on society. So this is where the adventure begins. I leave for Paris out of BWI airport in 8 hours exactly from when I am typing this. There I will begin backpacking through Europe towards Croatia. The purpose of this adventure is to find myself and understand my frequency. I will be doing some social practice art performances throughout my adventure to push myself away from my comfort zone and hopefully branch out as an artist and performer. So it is here I say farewell to you Greensboro and UNCG. You have molded me into a confident professional and I am ready to take the reigns.

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