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The Floating City of Venice

Venice is a truly historical landmark that defies the odds even to this day. You can't really comprehend the degree of work put into that city until you witness it with your own two eyes. The city is booming with life, from the food to the people you never know what you will see when you turn the corner. Interestingly for all of my friends and family that have not made it to this side of the world, there are absolutely no cars in the city. Everything is delivered by boat. The taxi lines are all operated by ferries running from one end of the city to another and while there are roads to walk down they can become very confusing as most of them end in the water and have no bridges to usher you across. I did not take a gondola ride since it was 100 euros to do so but I was able to capture a lot of happy faces experiencing Venice by the Adriatic Sea. I highly recommend the tower at San Marco Campanile where you can get a stunning view from the very top of the city and see the surrounding barrier islands that protect Venice from intense flooding.

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