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Croatia and The Adriatic Sea

Croatia is the home to crystal blue waters, steep cliff faces, delicious food, beautiful people and rich history. I have been fortunate enough to end this European journey in one of the most compelling places my eyes have seen. From the waterfalls at Krka national park to the city booming with life in Split and lastly to the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia has captured my heart. I have spent sleepless nights looking for that one shot, a humanless shot without the gravity of man pulling away from the environment. I find this spirit within the city walls in the early hours of the morning. Photography has been a lonely passion but I can't imagine it any other way. Chris Burkard said it best when he described travel photography as a necessary loneliness. I have enjoyed my travels through Croatia immensely. The bus from Split to Dubrovnik was scenic and surprisingly not too long. 5 hours of total commuting put us at the southern tip of the country. We passed through a stretch of land that was bosnian territory which seemed a little peculiar but aside from the passport check that was really the only hiccup on the journey. Once I arrived in Dubrovnik or thanks to the popular series Game of Thrones "Westeros' I could not believe my eyes. Cold fresh water flowing from huge fountains, seafood and gelato for as far as the eye can see, plus the beautiful forts and castle walls that seem to kiss the sea and retreat back into the mountains.

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