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Backyard Gems, A Day at Carolina Beach State Park

As much as I tell people to drop everything and run off to chase their travel dreams I will admit that even the worst cases of wanderlust can be cured relatively close to home. North Carolina is a great example of this. We have dozens of parks and wildlife forests here to explore at the drop of a hat and they are a short drive from any North Carolina town. This time my adventure was to Carolina Beach State Park, where you can find trails surrounded by vibrant green foliage and the sandy shore. I would definitely encourage everyone who visits the Southern shores of North Carolina to take an afternoon and hike around the park and discover something new and beautiful. Don't forget to bring plenty of water and a nice hammock to relax in. some of my other favorite places to explore are Hanging Rock, Linville Gorge, The Appalachian Mountains and The Outer Banks. Here are some photos from the Carolina beach Trails and Hanging Rock in Danbury, NC.

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