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The Great City of Pompeii

Pompeii is a city that really speaks for itself. The train from Naples was a little sketchy to say the least but the view of Mt. Vesuvius on the ride was spectacular. We are staying at the Agorà Hostel Deluxe. Which is owned by the sweetest husband and wife the Vincenzo's. They really go out of their way to ensure that their guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Thankfully I am finally sleeping on a bed built for someone taller than 5"6 and I could not be any happier about it. It feels so good to take a shower with water pressure and then get into a bed I fit in. I have never seen two people love what they do as much as the Vincenzo family. The ancient city of Pompeii was a really exciting experience but it put the whole destruction of Pompeii into perspective. The city was massive! It took us roughly 6 hours of continuous walking to see the entire city and there are still two sections currently un-open to the public. It would be an athletic feet of excellence to do the city ruins and Vesuvius all in the same day. I chose to do Vesuvius the second day in Pompeii and I am very thankful that I did because the view was clear! This is apparently a very rare occurrence since the peak is generally shrouded in the clouds. The food here has been great too! WE ate at a little place called Peppino's where the staff did not speak but one or two words of english. I have been really loving these local restaurants outside of the tourism market. I really appreciate how our hosts guided us away from the touristy dives and towards the real local favorites in Pompeii, for that I am very grateful. Now it's off to Florence, the home of the Italian Renaissance. Ciao!

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