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The End of A Maltese Week of Celebration

Malta was a great little island to explore for the 5 days that I was there. I am relieved to say that it is over though. We stayed in Paceville ( pronounced patch-ah-vile) at the Hacienda Guesthouse. The owner Sean was a great host and really provided a cost friendly facility that is a great accommodation for any traveler looking to have ease of access to great food and nightlife. Paceville is the little area of St. Julian's that is exclusively dedicated to nightlife. There are clubs, which all seemed to be owned by a man named Hugo (who apparently is a huge Mafioso who started buying property in Malta in the 90's) strip clubs and handsy hookers on the streets. The prostitutes are my least favorite part of Paceville as they grab you by the hand and literally attempt to kidnap you off the street. This is the type of thing that I cannot stand at 4:40am making a beeline to my hostel to pass out. The bars however do not close unless they aren't busy or you spend enough money to keep them open until you leave. For my birthday I decided to try the latter of the two options. I learned a few things from "balling out" in the clubs of Malta. The first is if you buy a few really nice bottles of Chandon Rosé everything else is free. At one particular club in the city center they provided us with a huge VIP section, free bottles of water and an horderves tray of fruit and cheese. Another thing I learned is that club managers love when people spend money. Sam, the manager of Hugo's gave me his card and assured me that if I ever need anything in Malta that I could contact him personally and he would ensure that our needs were met. Needless to say I am not the party type, but you only make complete the celestial loop once a year and that is always a call for celebration. Aside from drinking and staying up until 6am I was able to meet some really great people in Malta. Maltese people are extremely kind, always referring to you as buddy or friend even without the presence of money. Some of the coolest people I have met on this trip came to Malta for holiday. Addiju Malta!

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