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Venice, Ciao Bella and The Ratchets

Ciao Bella is a little bar and nightclub situated right in the middle of Camp Jolly, a hostel or campground that caters to big bus tours like Topdeck and other companies ushering dozens of young people around Europe. They regularly have parties that are geared towards these young groups such as stop light parties to indicate if you are single, taken or confused and pool parties to get women dancing half naked in the club. The Dj Federico Damiani was killing it on the boards setting a upbeat lively vibe for everyone to lose all self respect to. The photos are a testament to his skill in the booth and the type of environment you will be getting at the Plus Hostel, Camp Jolly. Leave your kids at home for this one if you are traveling with a family because the drinks are cheap, the food is delicious and the nights are LIT with youngsters from all over the globe ready to make nights they won't regret with people they won't remember

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