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Connections for Life

What a fantastic past two days it has been. It all started with waiting outside of a hiphop concert that was sold out. Luckily we walked by right in time to meet the performer G-eazy so it wasn't a real loss. This vibe has me and my travel buddy Joe G. jones'n as we head down the strip into Pigalle to get some Kebab. This little pit stop proved to be quite a turning point in our adventure. We met two girls from the Philippine's; Nicole was studying Art here at the University of Paris and Mercedes her cousin was visiting from San Francisco. Mercedes heard our American accents and started conversing with us. We chatted for a little on the way back towards our hostel. We agreed to meet the next day and proceeded to head home. The following morning we met up and made our way to the metro to go explore the Notre Dame Cathedral. The architecture was stunning! 700+ years of work to create the massive spires of stone. We fluffed around for a few hours then began navigating our way to the Pantheon. The Pantheon was another awe inspiring building. I saw works from Jean-Baptiste and other brilliant artists, touched the tomb of Louis Braille and snuck into some off limits rooms. I couldn't of asked for a better day. That evening only emphasized that we had made a friend for life with Mercedes and Nicole. We got some drinks at a local pub. 3 euros for a pint was perfect for me! This is where we met Lucile and Gara La Garce, Gara was a world champion roller derby skater for France. The night was live... The drinks were cheap. Viva La France

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