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Instax Film and the Vintage Hostel

We really lucked out with our accommodations this stop of our trek. The Vintage Hostel has been fantastic, our water is hot and the beer is super cheap at happy hour. Thankfully we were put in a room with a few really awesome people. Our flat mates Korey (Canada) and Claire ( Australia) have been excellent exploring partners. Last night the four of us plus Korey's good buddy Patrick headed out for a night on the town and what a night it was. We drank, laughed, danced and ate delicious food. Speaking of food, I tried an indian vegetarian dish called a Dosa... It was the size of my left arm. Talk about a surprise; I think I am still full. So today after our exciting night of making memories and friends from around the globe we all split ways. Korey and Patrick headed to Brussels, while Claire continued here year of trekking through the world. From the bottom of my heart I say it was a pleasure meeting the three of you. You have a friend in the USA for life now! Enchente and until we meet again. Here are some polaroids from the bar a short walk away. I met people locals, people from Turkey, Spain and Tunisia which clearly has the most beautiful women in the world.

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