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The City of Love

My time in Paris is slowly coming to an end, and the next adventure is about to begin! To say Bon Voyage correctly we decided to play tourist and go to the Eiffel Tower in the Evening to see the lights that shimmer on the hour. I wasn't expecting another adventure through the city! We started out by taking the Anvers metro, line two to the metro line 6. This takes you over a bridge that overlooks the immensely scenic view that is the river and Eiffel tower. Once we arrived there are dozens and dozens of middle eastern men peddling cheap cigarettes and alcohol illegally in the park. If you are smooth enough you can take a 20 Euro bottle of Champagne and haggle them down. We were able to convince the man to give us 3 bottles of brut champagne and 3 Kronebrough beers for 15 euros. Im a silver tongue beast. So after a few glasses of champagne the shenanigans ensued. We met three lovely girls, Christine, Wendy and Emily. Wendy was from Canada while the other two were from the good ole state of Georgia, USA. We laughed and carried on talking about the heart of the city and romance in the air. So what else do you do in paris after champagne light shows? You propose to a stranger with a handmade ring! So that's what I did.... Thanks for saying yes! She's a real looker mom. I appreciate the laughs and the good fun! If we dont see one another in Europe again, Enchente! I do miss all my friends at home, but If you haven't ever traveled of you think you'll be fine just seeing America, you are so wrong. The world is such a captivating place and the more I see the more I crave. The wanderlust could not be anymore real. I may not come home, I've considered WOOFING my way around the world rather than returning. I'll let you know what I choose soon enough ;)

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