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Polaroid project update

This has been such a fascinating experiment in social practice. In my research of how photography can bridge social divides I've discovered that this connection to photography runs true with just about everyone I have met. For example, my flatmate this most recent night was from Greece. I could see the reluctance in her eyes when she walked into a room full of men she had never met before. When I mentioned I was a traveling photographer creating a social interaction blog, she opened up. Photography is such a universally embraced medium. Some people have never seen a polaroid before. So the excitement glows on their face when they see the image print out and develop before their eyes. It's like watching a beautiful storm come over the bay when you see the reaction in some people. It has been a great medium to combat my own awkwardness and social anxiety. People young and old are so receptive to seeing their image develop in front of their eyes. I want to continue to bridge these social divides and overcome language barriers presented to me with polaroid photography. I love how happy I have made complete strangers by asking if they want to be included in my project and the connections I've made from it. I can say that this instax camera has created connections that will follow me for the rest of my life. I want to bridge the divide between cultures, races and prejudices because people all want the same things no matter where you go. They want to be happy, enjoy life and do as they please. There will always be the bad apples but in my travels I have discovered that bad apples are 1 in a million and the rest are just like you and me. Thank you to all the friends I have made so far for allowing me to capture you and I look forward to the connections that will be made on the road in the future. You have been spectacular Paris.

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