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Bon Voyage Paris!

Where do I begin with this sign off? The first day In paris I discovered a love for journalism.. Ill leave you with an excerpt of that scenario. . .

"I discovered my love for journalism while traveling abroad for the first time. I was strolling the streets of Paris when I discovered a group of social activists protesting workers rights. I started photographing immediately to capture the strong looks of passion in the eyes on the Parisians. As I made my way towards to spearhead the protests turned violent. Next thing I know I am surrounded by explosions and the strong odor of tear gas started to creep into my lungs. To my left a burning police van with armored men and to my right furiously passionate Parisians geared with swim goggles and gas masks. My heart began to race despite the encroaching smell of tear gas. I couldn’t pull myself away from the scene. It was like experience adrenaline for the first time. When my vision started to blur and an explosion occurred within feet of my person I knew it was time to flee. I left with something much more tangible than the burning sensation in my eyes. I left with passion and sheer excitement. The day was May 17th, 2016 and it will be a turning point in my career for years to come."

The Vintage Hostel in Paris on Rue Dunkerque has been home for exactly 7 days now. I could not have asked for better accommodations and i'm sure I have said this before. I want to send a huge thank you to the staff of this fine establishment. The neighborhood is tucked into the cutest location just a few blocks away from the Anvers Metro station surrounded by beautiful parks, delicious bakeries and the most tender turkish kebabs you could ask for. I will most certainly be returning. As for my adventure today I was able to go to Versaille and explore the gardens as the palace was closed. It really put the ideology behind the French Revolution in perspective once you see the lavash property that was once occupied by the royal family. After our exploration and slight stint of trespassing into the gated areas we decided to enjoy some curry before the flight to Amsterdam. France has been the perfect start to this spiritual journey and I feel exponentially enlightened from this experience. Bon voyage mi amor, until we meet again. Photorand out!

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