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So I made it to one of the most renown skateboard capitals in the world. I have dreamed of exploring this city since I was maybe 12 years old and first saw the girl video where they shred just about every spot thats local to this city. The food has been a real highlight here. Paella on every corner and markets with fresh fruits and veggies. I was fortunate enough to meet quite a few people in the hostel the other night. This hostel is a great place to network and ironically I met someone with quite a few mutual friends from back in the VA beach skate scene. Sorry to all my followers for the lack of posts recently. The wifi at the Kabul hostel is less than favorable. They make up for the 30 second showers and tiny bunks with 1 euro sangrias and good people though. Speaking of sangria... back to the wine coma I go! Hope everyone had a great memorial day back home! See you guys soon enough.

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