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Treasure atop Barcelona

Internet is rather tough to come by...well I guess it's not tough to come by but the idea of finding a good, fast wifi connection through Europe has been one of the most difficult aspects of blogging thus far. Barcelona, Spain has got to be if not is the best city on the planet. It has everything from the mountains, beautiful sandy beaches with the most beautiful women this side of the Mediterranean, the big city and a countryside that is the product of dreams. I was lucky enough in my journey to stumble upon a few gems nestled in the heart of Barcelona. The first was an invite only coffee shop called "The Backyard" where I was fortunate enough to meet people heavily involved in the European Extracts and Cannabis scene. These people had dedicated their lives to genetic research and cultivation of the finest plants to treat patients. The best part is that they would give away RSO or other concentrates to medical patients for free. The idea that these people pour their hard earned money and efforts into a free product is astounding and hits a particular place in my heart. My step dad's mother is terminally sick with cancer and hearing that these people would offer their services free of charge is awe inspiring. I aspire to be this charitable with my work. That isn't to say that they aren't successfully capitalizing off of the for pleasure markets. All of the individuals I was lucky enough to meet have successful grow ops and dispensaries around the world with award winning products. Thanks G for the invite and thank you to the team at Backyard for allowing us to hang out in your facility. Barcelona however has so much more to offer than its underground marijuana market. The scenery and ease of access to numerous amounts of entertainment was equally as awe inspiring. Hiking up the Collserola to the summit overlooking Barcelona was absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen a city that holds so much life and beauty within it. The food is amazing. The last day in the city my travel buddy and I walked past a little hole in the wall with 4 women working furiously to keep up with the demand on the kitchen. The inside was the product of some seriously clever interior architecture and logo design. The place called Cometa and damn it was delicious! I had a prosciutto salad with balsamic dressing.

I can honestly say that I love Barcelona, Spain. It was one of the most enchanting places I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying first hand. I will be returning in the near future.

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