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The Only Way To Die In Malta Is To Die Happy

Malta is an island just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. There are mostly ruins and small fishing communities spread throughout the island and the locals find themselves catering to the newish tourism market that is taking Malta by storm. It was a territory of The UK until the 60's when it gained its independence. It is known for the knights of Malta, a religious organization that operates in the Vatican City that is also militaristic and was a large naval base capital during the second world war. It is reletively cheap and full of new money looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their respective cities. I decided to turn 26 here and in hindsight it was a great choice! The beaches are gorgeous and the Maltese people are friendly. The first day here I met a Maltese man named Joseph who lived here his entire life fishing and loving the sea. He had a stray cat that always knew him when he came to fish that would eat the small fish he caught chumming with old bread. We had a great conversation about the sea and how living and growing near the water allowed you to hear the sea below your name. I asked if the jellyfish can kill you here and his response was classic "The only way to die in Malta is to die Happy." Thanks for the great vibes Joseph, the sea will always keep hearts like ours connected.

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